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Protecting You From Hazardous Tree Damage

Penn West Tree, Inc. is your reliable expert for tree removal and maintenance and hazard assessments in the Sharpsville, Pennsylvania area. We also repurpose removed trees to make custom wood furniture.

Tree Removal

Specializing in the most dangerous, hard-to-get-to jobs, we efficiently remove hazardous trees and tree limbs from your home or business. You can count on our experienced team and specialized equipment to safely remove any tree without damaging your property or leaving a mess behind.

Tree Maintenance

We believe in educating our clients on healthy tree maintenance. With our expertise, we can show you proper pruning techniques and how to spot fungus and rot. Trees are essential to our ecosystem, and they are a valuable part of our community.

Project Green Valley

In order to maintain balance, whenever we remove a tree we offer our clients the option to plant a new one. As part of Project Green Valley, we will plant a hardwood sapling on or near the place where the recently removed tree once stood. One planted tree per job completed.

Workers Up In a Tree & Cutting Tree

Custom Wooden Bench & Stand

Hazard Assessment

If you're worried about a potentially hazardous tree or tree limb, one of our tree experts will come to your property to perform an assessment. We will determine whether or not it's a safety hazard, and advise you on the best way to deal with the situation, whether it's through removal, pruning, or maintenance.

About Our Custom Wood Furniture

Be sure to check out our handmade custom furniture, which is sourced from unique pieces of wood we reclaim from our tree removals. We take wood that would normally be discarded and turn it into another way to share nature's beauty.

Ordering Custom Wood Furniture

If you have an interesting piece of wood that you would like us to turn into something special, we can discuss your ideas and custom-build a piece of furniture you're sure to cherish. We primarily build indoor furniture, but can also do outdoor pieces. Our prices range from $150-$7,500 per item.